Losing a child ft Matt Boshell #DaddyDebates podcast (S2 E5)

#DaddyDebates Podcast

Sep 17

1 hr 39 min

In this week's episode Elliott chats to Matt Boshell. This is a very vulnerable conversation as Matt talks about the loss of his 11 year old daughter, Isabelle.

Matt spoke about Isabelle and how popular she was at school and how she always wanted to get involved in helping him out with DIY around the house. And how she would always wear his hats so he started buying her her own collection. We spoke about the day the car accident happened and what it was like in the hospital and at the funeral. We spoke about the court case. And we spoke about the AMAZING work Matt has done to keep Isobel’s legacy alive through the Isabelle Boshell Awards.

Podcast Episode