33. Learning from Grief with Author Dara Kurtz

By Brooke James

In this episode, Author Dara Kurtz (@crazyperflife) joins host @BrookeLJames to speak about losing her mom weeks after giving birth to her daughter, how watching her mom battle cancer influenced how she processed her own cancer diagnosis, and working through and learning from your grief.  Book Summary: A few weeks after Dara Kurtz had her first child, her mom passed away. So many times over the years, Dara has longed to talk to her mom, seek her guidance, and ask her what she thought about the life she has created for herself. An unexpected discovery of a Ziplock bag of letters, written to Dara by her mom and grandmothers, changed everything. One day, longing for contact with the strong women who had loved and raised her, she re-read the letters. They brought back beautiful family memories and taught her many life lessons; they caused her to reflect on the priceless love between mothers and daughters and how wisdom and traditions can be passed on from one generation to the next. Dara’s story inspires us to strengthen the bonds between mothers and daughters, to remember family traditions, to let go of the pain of loss, and to make the most of each day of our lives. crazyperfectlife.com Preorder Dara's book I Am My Mother's Daughter: Wisdom of Life, Loss and Love thegriefcoach.co

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