Designing Your Dream Life With Charlotte Smith

By Angela Han

Do you ever think about designing your dream life? You might think, how can I? I have clients to take care of. Deals to close. Trials to win. Briefs to write. Fires to put out. I literally don’t have time for a dream life. And who are you to tell me I am not living a decent enough life, you might say. But I am talking about that dream life. The life that you don’t even think about because you think it’s too good to be true. The one where you feel like is impossible, so you keep it somewhere at the bottom of the drawer of your heart and keep working away until maybe one day, you will take a look at it. Maybe at retirement. Well, this episode is all about challenging that belief. It is about taking a picture of that dream life out of that drawer and looking at it right now. And figuring out how to create it, step by step. In this episode, Charlotte Smith, a former attorney and now a life design coach for lawyers, shares at what stage in your legal career would be the best time to seek advice on making a change, how you can make that change on your own, and the most important key in making sure you find success in your goals. If you are even entertaining a shift in your life, not just in your career but even beyond that, tune in to find out more.   Show notes: Check out her website here: Connect with her on LinkedIn:  

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