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Stress Sucks!

By Clovis®

Topics Covered: The Tremendous Power of Stress... it sucks! Stress & Stressors: - Healthy Stress - Beneficial Adaptation to stressors - Harmful Stress  - Acute and Chronic Stress - Compounding Stress The Gut-Brain Connection: - "Gut Feelings" - The gut-brain connection  - Hypothyroidism My Stressful Life: - I can't remove stress... but I can manage it!  - My morning routine... - My evening routine...  - "The Trap" - Health OCD  Live Q&A  SHOW NOTES AND RESOURCES: - JOIN THE CLOVIS ACADEMY FOR FREE! - I AM CLOVIS - CLOVIS®KIDS - THE PERFECT PALEO POWDER - E-BOOKS BY JUSTIN NAULT - CLOVIS BLENDER BOTTLE (LIMITED EDITION!) - AMA #24: LECTINS AND LEAKY GUT - TRUEDARK BLUE BLOCKERS: DAYTIME - TRUEDARK BLUE BLOCKERS: NIGHT TIME - IF YOU WANT A SAUNA... - MUSE: THE BRAIN-SENSING HEADBAND - CIRCADIAN OPTICS LIGHT THERAPY LAMP - PANDA PLANNER  - THE FIVE MINUTE JOURNAL  - OAK MEDITATION/ BREATHING EXERCISE APP - KEVIN ROSE  

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