Useless learning, dating app tips and gloomy rainy days - Episode 348 - The Scribble with Jeremy Bradley

The Scribble with Jeremy Bradley

Oct 15

29 min 59 sec

Rainy days and Mondays always get some people down but Jeremy Bradley makes it his mission to be incredibly lazy during those times. JB talks about his unproductive week, lounging in a bathrobe, going to the spa and having food delivered. Later, students learn so much in school but how much of it is retained in adulthood? Better yet, how much of that knowledge is ever used outside of school? JB chimes in on the areas he feels were a waste of time. Plus, dating apps seem to be a must-have for singles nowadays, but if your profile makes you look like an idiot, you're certainly not doing yourself any favors. JB gives his critique on dating profiles.

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