Episode 57 - Shopify - Expert Interview - Ben Zettler from Ben Zettler Digital Media on ecommerce marketing

The Shopify Dropify by The Cut

Jun 2020

55 min 7 sec

Welcome to Ep.57 where we talk to Ben Zettler, Founder of Ben Zettler Digital Media, a Shopify marketing consultancy based in New York. Ben’s company specialise in Shopify ecommerce, and have a niche focus on sports and lifestyle brands. In this episode, recorded right in the middle of the USA’s Covid crisis, Ben shares insights on the most effective media channels for ecommerce marketing, his guidance on how to engage customers and encourage conversion and also strategies to help ecomm businesses operate through the pandemic. Visit Ben Zettler Digital Media here Connect with The Cut here This Shopify interview will be super helpful for most ecommerce business owners and marketers, and even more so for those of you who are running sports, fitness and lifestyle brands. As a successful ecommerce entrepreneur himself, Ben has some special experience in these sectors that have helped define the direction of his agency. Ben started Ben Zettler Digital Media after building, and then selling, the sunglasses and lifestyle brand Brooktide. Putting his own experience, expertise and success strategies to work for other brands is what drives Ben. Ben founded his eponymous company in 2014 and since then has been building their experience and expertise in ecommerce marketing, with a focus on niche sectors including sports, professional athletes and the fashion and beauty sectors. Ben Zettler is a certified Shopify Expert and Facebook Marketing Partner and offers experience that comes from having worked with over 150 brands. Ben understands the key ecommerce marketing channels from social media to email automations and campaigns. We cover all of those topics, as well as life in business and on the streets of New York during the Covid lockdown. Before Ben Zettler Digital Media, Ben was Director of Ecommerce and Marketing at Steiner Sports, a sports memorabilia company. Big thanks from us to Ben for sharing his time and ecommerce adventure stories on The Shopify Dropify. If you're a Shopify business owner or work in digital and ecomm marketing come and guest on this podcast. Get in touch anytime.

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