How Leah Became a Successful Music Marketer - SMS062

By The Savvy Musician Show

On today’s episode, CJ and Leah add another dimension to last week’s podcast, where they pulled back the veil on digital marketing, to talk more specifically about Leah’s own digital marketing journey. Having been a songwriter her whole life, music was present, but not always considered as a career. When her family was pushed into dire financial straits, she realized that it was now or never for her music career. This led her to try many different platforms and marketing tools, but nothing got her the results she wanted. The music industry in 2010 was what she called the Wild West, where Napster and peer to peer sharing had turned everything on its head, so she saw that she needed to take a different approach. It was not until she heard the idea of 1000 true fans that it clicked that she did not have to be world-famous to make a living as a musician. Instead, she needed simply to cater to these fans, so that they would spend money on her. Once she began to put these principles in action, she really started to see results, even paying off her family’s debt within two weeks of starting her fan club. Many of the marketing strategies came to Leah intuitively, but that did not stop her investing in her education. She always strived to keep learning more about the world of digital marketing, which lead to even greater long-term success. This does not mean that she was not afraid, she was terrified! But she believes that fear is necessary because it shows you how much you truly want something. She shares her story because she has made all of the mistakes that others do not need to. Your road to the top can be quicker and smoother than hers. To find out more, join us today!   Key Points From This Episode: What Leah’s family situation in 2011 was like. Why she called the music industry in 2010 the Wild West. How she found the motivation to continually write music despite constant rejection. What her initial marketing strategy looked like before she had any education. What the 1000 true fans premise is and why it was her ‘aha moment.’ The first two things she did to gain more traction after releasing her first album. Anger can be channeled in creativity and productivity when directed into work. What happened once she started her fan club? The moment she realized she had to start investing in marketing education. Why it is so difficult for newbies to filter out and discern what the correct advice is. The reason that she is choosing to share her story. What she spent her first royalty payments on and why. Although it is scary, spending money on yourself is the most important thing. Marketing and sales skills are necessary for everyone. What you can do today to kickstart you career today.   Tweetables: “Stop trying to be really world famous and just try to make your goal 1,000 true fans.” — @LEAHthemusic  [0:16:30]   “All of the success I’ve had since I validated my music is due to investing into myself and it was uncomfortable. It hurt to put that money there.” — @LEAHthemusic  [0:33:26]   “If you don’t have that skin in the game you are not really committed.”  @LEAHthemusic [0:34:41]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Leah on Twitter — Savvy Musician Inner Circle Newsletter — Online Musician 2.0— Call Savvy Musician Academy — Elite Program —

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