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105 Ellory Wells | If It's Meant To Be, It's Up To Me

By Harry Duran

Ellory Wells is the host of The Empowered Podcast, where he interviews other entrepreneurs who have made the transition from unhappy employee to self-fulfilled employer. Ellory wanted to transition out of corporate America because he was unhappy from 9 AM to 6 PM and that unhappiness went home with him. Although he was successful at what he did, he needed something more out of life and his career. 04:45 - Ellory thinks I have fantastic hair. He had long hair in college. 06:45 - I eat the same breakfast everyday. 08:40 - Ellory really liked episode 100. 12:00 - All of the stuff that the cool kids were doing in school are irrelevant now that they've become adults. 13:10 - Ellory talks about being bullied in private school. 14:20 - People these days are proud to be a geek. 17:30 - Why did Ellory have the need to get his voice out there? 20:10 - Did Ellory have an inch to scratch? 21:40 - Why did Ellory grow from blogging to podcasting? 22:45 - Where did Ellory's entrepreneurial drive come from? 29:05 - How did Ellory's family react to his career shift? 30:10 - Ellory was miserable at his old job and that comes home with you. 35:05 - Did you know there are games in Excel spreadsheet? 36:50 - No entrepreneur wants to create an awful work environment. 39:00 - Do we need a world full of entrepreneurs? 42:50 - Ellory goes into a short tangent about business owners. 49:20 - Ellory talks about the power of podcasting. 54:05 - People want to be entertained before they want to be informed. 54:30 - What is the most misunderstood thing about Ellory? 58:00 - What has Ellory changed his mind about recently. FULL SHOW NOTES:

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