The Besties: The Best Games of February 2014

By Justin McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Chris Plante, Russ Frushtick

February came and went. The shortest month of the year was practically a wasteland in terms of major game releases. The standout AAA game, Thief, left many of us feeling robbed. And Fable's anniversary wasn't quite worth celebrating. Then again, maybe we were just looking for fun in all the wrong places. Bravely Default, The Last of Us' DLC and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze all got lavished with praise by our reviews team. And hey, I'm always happy to shout my love for Earth Defense Force 2025. You know, maybe it wasn't a bad slate of games, so much as it was a strange one. Just look at the four we chose to discuss: a remake in the mode of Metroidvania, an anthropomorphic number puzzler, an asburdist espionage comedy and a third-person shooter spin-off of a family-friendly real-time strategy game. 5:30 - Thief 14:30 - Jazzpunk 26:00 - Threes! 36:15 - Halftime! 56:00 - Strider 1:08:00 - News of the month 1:25:45 - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 1:41:30 - Reader emails Theme song by Ian Dorsch Get the show: Download MP3" Subscribe to the podcast (RSS) Subscribe on iTunes

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