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The Truth About Intermittent Fasting and Wine with Melanie Avalon

By JJ Virgin

Melanie Avalon is an actress, certified holistic nutritionist, and wine specialist. As she became involved in the entertainment industry, she tried all different types of fad diets in an attempt to lose weight before discovering the benefits of intermittent fasting and the Paleo diet. Listen as Melanie explains what intermittent fasting is and how it can help you jumpstart fat burning again, plus find out about the health benefits of wine and how moderate wine consumption can be a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle plan. You can lose weight and feel great with intermittent fasting, the Paleo diet, and wine!   Freebies From Today’s Episode Get Melanie Avalon’s free How to Find Out Your Perfect Intermittent Fasting protocol, plus free recipes from her book What When Wine by going to   Main Points From Today’s Episode Studies show that moderate consumption of alcohol is correlated with longevity and other health benefits. Wine contains plant compounds called polyphenols that protect your health. When choosing wine, it's important to opt for organic wine from high-quality sources. You also need to pay attention to how alcohol impacts your weight and your sleep to see what works for you. Intermittent fasting is about restricting your eating window to allow your body to enter fat-burning mode. Even a lean person has enough stored body fat to walk about 1,000 miles.   Episode Play-By-Play [1:35] Melanie’s career briefing [2:38] Melanie’s background in acting and nutrition [5:55] The health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, especially wine. [9:11] The dark side of wine [10:15] There’s good and bad in everything. [12:41] It’s important to be aware of how you feel – everyone is different. [13:05] For some people, alcohol can elevate your hunger hormones. [14:45] Why you should choose organic wine. [17:06] Does alcohol make you gain weight? [18:34] Melanie follows a Paleo-style diet [19:06] What intermittent fasting is and how Melanie incorporates it into her schedule [24:05] How to start intermittent fasting [27:20] Sugar is hiding everywhere! Find out how to drop seven hidden sugars and lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks with the Sugar Impact Diet. [28:18] Listener’s question: If I’m going to drink, what are the best choices? [29:50] Tequila and specific types of wine are the best options. [30:07] Check out JJ’s Tequila Treat recipe.   Mentioned in this episode: The Virgin Diet Sugar Impact Diet Bulletproof Coffee JJ's Tequila Treat Dry Farm Wines Leaky Gut Support Vitamin D Plus Omega Ultra Omega Upgrade JJ Virgin Official Facebook page JJ Virgin on Instagram JJ Virgin on YouTube

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