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142 Natalie Eckdahl | Leveraging Your Podcast to Help Your Business Thrive

By Harry Duran

Natalie Eckdahl is the host of the Biz Chix podcast, a business coach and strategist who also leads mastermind groups for women entrepreneurs. She was inspired to start her podcast in 2014 because the business podcasts she was listening to mainly spotlighted men and she wanted to listen from more women entrepreneurs who were balancing a business and a family just like she was. With nearly 300 episodes under her belt, Natalie has been able to provide a platform to women business owners and leaders whose voices are often underrepresented while also sharing her own knowledge and expertise to other female entrepreneurs who are looking to start and improve upon their own businesses. 07:27 - Her thoughts on waiting for the right time to come on the show 08:27 - Lessons she’s learned to improve her podcast and business 11:32 - The first time she received feedback on her podcast 14:44 - How she got started in podcasting 20:02 - Thinking through how you want to design your podcast 24:09 - Finding your own voice 28:27 - My new favorite business podcast, More Cheese Less Whiskers 30:21 - Using your podcast for your business 32:28 - Using her Facebook group to connect her community to her podcast 35:12 - When she has to explain to people what she does for a living 35:32 - Her growing community of listeners and connecting with them at Podcast Movement 37:52 - Celebrity status within the small online world 38:33 - The powerful connections podcasts are able to make on listeners 41:24 - If podcast listening will evolve from a solo in-ear experience to a more communal radio-type listening style 43:44 - Featuring her kids on her podcast and if they will have their own show one day 47:05 - If Generation Zers will take to podcasts 48:03 - The new trend of TV shows turning into podcasts 50:23 - The big support she received from her husband when she started her podcast 53:26 - Creating memories and leaving a legacy through your podcast 55:37 - Being vulnerable and sharing personal stories with your audience 58:04 - What she’s changed her mind about recently 01:03:38 - How you can involve your listeners to help your podcast downloads grow Full Show Notes:

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