109: Michael Ende, Practicing Patience, and the Power of Doing 1 Thing Wholy

Inner Work with Steli Efti

Nov 6

1 hr 24 min

Here's a conversation we've had about Michael Ende, Author of The Neverending Story, Momo, and other great books. We then touched on the beauty of poetry and song lyrics, going on awareness walks, having 1-on-1's with my sons, how interpreting my mother's dream put my patience to the test, the difference between patience and persistence, turtles, being time-poor or time-rich, having a Momo moment, eating mindfully, reclaiming lost phone time, my new routine of doing nothing for 30 minutes in the morning, having richer experiences simply by being more aware, the hidden costs of multi-tasking, the power of doing 1 thing wholy, and how we can let random little items determine our path in life if we lack awareness. Shownotes: https://steliefti.com/iwp109/

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