Success strategies in conversation with Chris Croft Part 2 Global Sales Leader Part 2 Episode 34

Mindful Leadership and The Global Sales Leader hosted By - Sales Training Coach

Oct 18

39 min 11 sec

We take a deep dive into the following four strategies to help you reach success in this second part of the global sales leaders podcast. Here we examine 5 - 8 of the eight strategies for success, which we explore in this episode. 1) Work hard - When you are hard-working, things will fall in your favour. If you don't take action, nothing will happen. 2) Take responsibility for what you do - no one else will own up for what you do, so take note of your sales pipelines, learning and focus. No one else can handle it for you, can you? 3. Develop positive self-talk - Your brain is influenced by what you tell it, so if you say bad things about yourself, your brain will respond with something negative, or if you say good things about yourself, you will receive a positive response. 4) Set yourself goals - have daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals for all facets of your life. 5) Keep learning all the time by reading books, attending online conferences, going to coaching sessions, and so on 6) Help others - The more you help others, the better you feel - When you're working in a sales team, help others when they need it 7) Do it right now - this is pretty self-explanatory. Take action immediately. 8: Push yourself beyond what you're comfortable with. When asked to do a presentation or a presentation that you feel is impossible - do it, and once you do it, you start learning and growing - it's a fantastic feeling once you do it.

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