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#10 mit Isabelle Dumortier (Entrepreneur & Founder von 'Tutu Shop')

By Christoph Magnussen & Michael Trautmann

In der mittlerweile zehnten Folge trifft Mallorca-Besucher Christoph Magnussen auf Isabelle Dumortier. Die erst 28-jährige Belgierin ist schon seit über 10 Jahren Entrepreneur und verkauft momentan Tütüs über ihren Webshop. Grund genug über ihren 'Way to New Work' zu sprechen. Shownotes: Who is Isabelle Dumortier? (ab 01:14 Min.) Where do you get experiences from in the way you work that you then adopt to your company? (ab 03:40 Min.) Is there a morning routine you do every day? (ab 04:50 Min.) What changed since you started to meditate? (ab 06:10 Min.) How good are you in changing modes? Work-mode vs. Meditating-mode? (ab 08:25 Min.) How do you actually apply strategic ideas in the company? (ab 11:00 Min.) Are people in Belgium more open minded towards new ideas? (ab 12:45 Min.) Is transparency a value for your company? (ab 15:10 Min.) How did you come up with those values? (ab 16:45 Min.) What does a typical work week look like? (ab 18:15 Min.) How do you do meetings at your company? (ab 19:15 Min.) How do keep everyone together tool-wise? (ab 21:30 Min.) How do your people use Whatsapp as a business tool? (ab 24:45 Min.) What are your main sources for information? (ab 26:05 Min.) What are your five reads for this year? (ab 27:00 Min.) Back to meditation: how would you start meditation? (ab 30:15 Min.) What will change for you or your company within the next 10 years? (ab 31:05 Min.) What would you recommend to a young teenager these days? What kind of skills should he have? (ab 33:45 Min.) What is reason you are writing a book? (ab 36:20 Min.) What do you tell people that want to be entrepreneurs? (ab 39:35 Min.)

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