"Soulflower Healing Arts Studio"

By Alan Aldridge

Alan met with Miki Bryant, Lisa Harris, and Melissa Duncan at Soulflower Healing Arts Studio in Starkville, MS to discuss the different services offered to the community. Miki is the founder and she shares why Soulflower exists, and the importance of community within the Soulflower culture. Lisa is a Reiki master and she discusses what Reiki is and how many people are familiar with it, they just know it by another name. They discuss the importance of not talking in therapy jargon, and finding a way each service is beneficial to its clients. Melissa leads the 'Writing for Healing' class, and she shares about the impact and healing that has taken place within the group that participates. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/porch-talk/exclusive-content

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