We Are All Magicians / Lydion Research

By Lydion Research

What if individuals and businesses treated data as an asset? Rob Maigret and Arka Ray of Lydion Research discuss the revolutionary idea of data assetization and how it underlies Aetium (codenamed Auctum), a Lydion product that is both an investment platform and a tool that enables companies to leverage their data as a new asset class that is visible on the balance sheet. Then they look ahead to the future- what does it mean when data is assetized on a global scale? How does that change our perception of value? What does a data asset really signify, and how does this tie to our current understanding of proof of work and ledgers in blockchain technology?To learn more about Lydion Research, visit: https://lydion.com/Produced by: Lydion ResearchHost: Rob MaigretGuest: Arka Ray of Lydion ResearchSound Engineering: Alfred Montejano Video Production: Toughtown Brave New Data Theme Composition:  Alfred Montejano Graphic Design: Michele Svengsouk

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