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Overcoming Self-Doubt | with Dr. Cindy Wahler

By Kyle Bowe

My guest for today's episode is Dr. Cindy Wahler.  Dr. Wahler is an executive coach who is recognized for enhancing communication skills, leadership style and mentoring capabilities to increase the bench strength of an organization.  She is an expert in helping organizations and individuals remove obstacles to success, identify leaders who are off track and increase overall leadership competency. The focus for Dr. Wahler is on identifying and developing leadership behavior that is critical to driving business strategy. Emphasis is placed on identifying individuals who have potential over the long term as well as positioning the organization for the future by developing next-generation leaders. Cindy Wahler’s leadership training adds a unique dynamic which results in action-based outcomes. Dr. Wahler received a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal, then earned a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Cindy Wahler has been in private practice focusing on corporate leadership development since 1987. Things We Discuss: How entitlement manifests in an individual (3:00) How entitlement can start to manifest in childhood (9:00) Why entitlement can lead to self-doubt and where that can happen in our work (12:00) Ways we can balance our self-doubt without affecting how we show up or becoming entitled (15:00) A new way of looking at selfishness and strategies for overcoming self-doubt (17:00) How Millennials maximize their enjoyment of life and how that can help us live fulfilling lives (21:00) Stepping into uncertainty and embracing failure as an opportunity to pivot and learn (26:00) Effective ways to seek and give feedback for personal and professional development (30:00) Vulnerability being the key to creating intimacy and evolving personally and professionally (36:00) Maximizing your social capital to fulfill your potential (44:00) Helpful Links: Cindy’s Website --- Support this podcast:

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