Episode 075: How To Run Instagram ADs That Actually Work With Lorell Lane

She's Off Script

May 2020

34 min 22 sec

In today’s episode, we meet Lorell Lane. After 7 years of working with the likes of Viacom, NBC, and CW to sell television AD campaigns, Lorell decided to take the leap and go out on her own. She now uses corporate strategies to help online entrepreneurs create Facebook/Instagram AD campaigns that have scaled her clients into million-dollar brands. During our conversation, Lorell shares common mistakes she sees business owners making. She also outlines how we can run high converting ADs that result in high-quality leads. One of my favorite tips from Lorell is “DON’T hit that boost button…EVER because it’s only meant for reach, not results."

If you’re someone who has been disappointed by Facebook or Instagram ADs in the past, this episode will have you ready to try again!

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