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How to Reach Success and Keep it for Over 40 Years

By Ani Alexander

  Ron G Holland is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 40 years experience in the business mentoring, personal development and self-help industry. He has been written up as Britain’s Leading Motivational Speaker, Top Biz Guru and the Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur. He gives numerous seminars and presentations and has been interviewed by TV, radio and the press on four continents. He specialises in raising equity funding for early stage and start-up companies. Ron Holland has been at the bleeding edge of personal development and self-help for over thirty years. He is the author of many business books, manuals and audio programs. Ron's Story When Ron was 20, he decided to do what he was passionate about and opened a motorcycle shop. Later on he had chain of shops all over London. But after that Ron ended up with massive financial trouble. Luckily for him, he met an old Irishman, who came along and helped him turn around his mini empire. Eventually they made a fortune. Ron enjoyed the turnaround so much that he decided to write about it. So he wrote his first book Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu  in 1977. That first book had massive success and led Ron to being an author and entrepreneur. Since then he is writing business books and books about mind power. Advises Given During the Interview on making things happen [spp-tweet "By hustling and trying to get your foot in the door you make things happen."] Don't be afraid of failures. Don't be afraid to knock on the doors. Get much more proactive in trying to make things happen to yourself. Engage your mind power. Engage your subconscious mind. Keep trying and experimenting. Stop being so frightened of life. Stop being so conservative! on dealing with rejections, criticism and people who don't like your book Absolutely, completely ignore it and get yourself very busy. on writing Don't wait for the inspiration to come but start doing the hard work. You have to get the inspiration from people who've done it and then run with it yourself and don't hang up on the small things like failures. on life Stop kidding yourself and start dreaming! Formula 1 [spp-tweet "Whatever the mind of man conceive and believe - it can achieve"] Formula 2 Direct 5% of your mental & physical effort on writing and 95% of your mental & physical effort on marketing. How Ron's book promotion tools uses lots of Fiverr gigs constantly emails his list about his books uses podcasts to amplify his message uses paid advertising Useful links Ron Holland's website Free copy of Turbo Success Ron's Kindle Books Ron's Twitter 

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