#3 Toan Lam, Find your truth

By Michael Puente

Toan Lam is Founder of Go-Inspire-Go. He's a filmmaker, a storyteller, a motivational speaker, university instructor, and most recently, he's working on a youtube series called Style Your Spirit, which consists of short videos with simple designed tips to have a big impact on your space and your life. LESSONS: 1) Find your truth 2) You need a spiritual practice 3) Give back to others SOME QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE: “I was eight months old and my parents decided to take all five kids and any family members that wanted to come on a boat in the middle of the night-- we escaped the country… They gave everything up. And we ended up in a refugee camp in Indonesia for a couple of years.” “Following your truth is hard. Maybe you instead want to be a musician, or own a cupcake shop--if you don't follow that truth, you are betraying yourself. Figure out a way to do what it is that excites you.” “It's about storytelling and it's about representing other Asian males and the Asian community out there, because there are very few Asian males on air. For me, it’s about inspiring people to be better and do better for themselves and other people.” “I believe that we should all be more present to the beauty around us. And I'm not just talking about interior design, but the design of nature, or the design of this beautiful, present conversation. Right now, I'm not looking at my phone. I'm looking you in the eye, and speaking with you, and we're sharing this moment. When you are being present to the beauty around you, and then that feeling you get inside you-- something changes.” “When your home is cluttered or dirty, there's stuck energy there. When there's dust bunnies everywhere, that's stuck energy. Somehow the energy isn't flowing into your life.” “Worry is like poison, because worry steals the present moment away from you.” “The biggest thing for you to think about is you still have to make time for you, and doing the things that excite you.” “So many people are like, ‘You know, when I make more money,’ or ‘When I have more time, I want to do what you're doing.’ And I'm like, ‘No. Now is the time… the next moment is not promised.’” “Challenges are here to teach us something. That's what they are. If you don't learn from it, it comes in a different way, shape and form-- It will keep coming back.” FIND TOAN AT: http://StyleYourSpirit.Co --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lessonslived/message

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