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All About the Ketogenic Diet with Mike Mutzle

By JJ Virgin

Mike Mutzel as an expert in the Ketogenic diet; tells us everything about how is so effective, its origins, and especially in which cases it is the most advisable road to take. Ketosis is an alternative way of getting energy that is not from carbs; losing weight is only one of the various changes you will notice after entering ketosis. Ketogenic diet is even used for the treatment of epilepsies and certain types of cancer. You cannot miss this information! Especially a mind-blowing tip Mike gives to the audience to improve your everyday life. Listen, take notes, and learn all about Ketosis!   Key Takeaways: [:43] Mike Mutzel career briefing [2:13] What is Ketosis? [2:45] Ketosis is another way of getting energy but helps the general health too. [3:37] What are the benefits of a Ketogenic diet? [6:38] Ketogenic diet treats inflammatory related diseases. [8:01] Ketosis diet can be used in cancer treatment. [12:06] Meals time, the circadian rhythms to eat. How important is it to be very consistent with your meal times? [15:01] Gut health and ketosis. [17:27] Ketosis vs low carb, what to do first? Start with low carb! Ketosis is not for everyone. [19:40] When to use supplements in a ketogenic diet. [21:15] Why berberine is an awesome supplement. [22.30] Taping your mouth shut before going to bed prevents mouth breathing at night  and creates amazing benefits. [25:03] Present for listeners from Mike Mutzel at [26:10] Extra fiber to lose weight faster. [27:28] How many carbs you should eat a day?   Mentioned in this episode: Facebook JJVirginofficial

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