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What Is Happening To Our Doctors? - Dr. Yumiko Kadota

By Mish Pope

I read the article when it was going viral online. It was picked up by the Sydney Morning Herald -- a conversation that had to be had about the exhausting working conditions that health care professionals are put under. What happens when you ask for a break, or time to recover, or a day off -- and you are told 'you're being an emotional female?' I have been there as well. Working as a Nurse with patients loads that were unsafe, turnover that was too fast, and shifts that were too long.  The people that we are asking to look after us, are often neglected, overworked, understaffed and put into situations that are physically and mentally unsafe. This conversation also goes beyond the health care field. What happens when everything that you had worked so hard for, doesn't align anymore? How do your parents take it? How do you tell your parents? It's such an important episode and I hope that you enjoy listening to it. ---------- Dr. Yumiko Kadota graduated from the University of New South Wales Medical School in 2010. She has been working as a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery registrar until she experienced burnout and resigned in June 2018. The experience left her hospitalised, during which time she started a blog. She decided to eventually talk about her harrowing experience in a blog post that went viral in February this year. She has since received national and global media attention and has used this to increase awareness and advocate for better working conditions in the medical profession. Here website is here: The Blog post we speak of is here:

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