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What is the Difference Between being a Leader and being a Manager?

By Sean Si

The success of Robert’s business can be attributed to his leadership style and the competence of his team. The fact that he is leading them on, instead of simply managing them is what made the difference.   For Robert, management is more about monitoring the small details, so that the team can continue to function, while leadership is about moving things forward. Managers make sure that the micro-factors that will ensure that things will go the way they should be will happen. He believes that he isn’t a good manager because he is not detail-oriented enough to check on the smaller things. And I agree because Robert is better as a leader. Now that he is in a leadership position, Robert has more time dedicated to helping the business grow, to help him grow as a leader—all for the sake of growing the company. His newest sales manager, Ron has been working with him for over four years. He is a millennial, and to me, this is very interesting because having them choose to stay is not an easy thing to do. Rob says one of the things that he thinks makes them choose to stay is the chemistry that the team, as a whole has. He mentions that even just one person that has a negative perspective within the company can ruin everything, and so making sure that everyone is happy with their work is crucial. He also talks about himself being a boss that is more of a friend rather than an authoritative figure    Robert further mentions how important prayers are to his work. He always prays for all of his team. To him, prayer is very important. He prays even during the time when he decides to get a new hire. The business he leads is small, so Robert limits hiring since it would mean more funding. And besides, he only hires when the need arises, which doesn’t happen often. In fact, his business doesn’t have a concrete hiring process yet. The whole thing is composed of just two interviews. One with the sales manager and another with him. Interestingly enough, they only source applicants through Facebook, and they’ve been pretty successful in getting good hires from there. That being said, he does admit that his process isn’t exactly a good one. Rather it needs a lot of improvement because Robert has recently witnessed what happens when he makes a wrong decision in hiring a person.  There was one employee that was very selfish and self-centered. He was someone that didn’t have any empathy, and it felt like his vision was different from the company’s. As Robert mentioned, these were what he considered as red flags when hiring. However, sometimes, he still needs to hire them due to a few special conditions.   In my opinion, having a good HR manager is a big thing and I can say that it really helped better my company as well. It helped clarify things such as the probationary period, a few other policies, and many more. In SEO Hacker, we have a few of our own unique policies. Even probationary employees have government benefits, and the longer they stay, the more benefits they’ll be able to unlock. This is the advantage of having a primarily millennial team, the whole system is dynamic, and we go with what we think works for us. Another thing that makes working with and leading a team is that you can easily provide them with wisdom to grow on their own. Support the show (

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