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How to Shift Your Body Weight Set Point with Dr. Sara Gottfried

By JJ Virgin

In today's podcast episode, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Sara Gottfried joins JJ to talk about the importance of the brain-body connection in your weight and your health! Listen as Dr. Gottfried shares how your brain regulates your body weight and factors that can throw your body's fat thermostat out of whack. Dr. Gottfried also explains how to build metabolic flexibility so you can burn fat for fuel, including her recommendations on meal timing and how to incorporate intermittent fasting into your routine. Find out how to restore brain-body balance so you can lower your body weight set point and shed stubborn pounds for good!   Freebies From Today’s Episode Get Dr. Sara Gottfried’s free Set Point Quiz by going to   Main Points From Today’s Episode The gauge that regulates your body weight set point is called your adipostat. Your adipostat can get thrown out of whack more easily than you might realize. When it comes to meal timing, Dr. Gottfried has found that the 16/8 protocol is the most effective. That consists of eating within an 8 hour window and fasting overnight for 16 hours. Dr. Gottfried’s free quiz helps you discover whether there are brain-body connection issues that may be affecting your set point. Her new book dives into how to get your set point working in your favor so you can improve your metabolic flexibility and start burning fat for fuel.   Episode Play-By-Play [1:45] Dr. Sara Gottfried’s career briefing [2:30] Listener review [4:11] The inspiration behind Dr. Gottfried’s new book   [6:31] How Dr. Gottfried’s own health issue helped reinforce the importance of the brain-body connection [7:48] Factors that can influence your body weight set point [8:24] Your adipostat is your body’s fat thermostat.  [9:55] How your adipostat can get thrown out of whack [10:22] Foods that can inflame your adipostat [10:38] Disrupting your gut barrier can impact your adipostat. [12:11] It’s not just what you eat, it’s also about when you eat. [13:19] Meal timing and metabolic flexibility [13:41] The ins and outs of the 16/8 protocol [17:10] Why you should eat dinner earlier and then close the kitchen [18:47] We’re wired to gain weight more easily than we are to lose weight. [20:29] There are many things you can do to lower your set point.  [20:52] Get Dr. Gottfried’s free Set Point Quiz! [23:10] The success rate of intermittent fasting vs. caloric restriction [24:54] Want a better quality of sleep while also calming your brain? Try JJ Virgin’s Sleep Candy! [25:33] Listener’s question: I would love to try intermittent fasting, but I get too hungry. What can I do? [26:33] The first thing to focus on is the quality of your meals.   Mentioned in this episode: Brain Body Diet: 40 Days to a Lean, Calm, Energized, and Happy Self, by Dr. Sara Gottfried Dry Farm Wines JJ Virgin Sleep Candy The Virgin Diet Sugar Impact Diet Become part of JJ’s community JJ Virgin Official Facebook page JJ Virgin on Instagram JJ Virgin on YouTube

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