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Episode 42, Mischa Salmon (2017/08/03)

By David Cooper

This week guest Mischa Salmon comes to "This is going well, I think with David Cooper show" and talks about his Paris and Barcelona life. Mischa likes guys but doesn't like penis. Mischa becomes nervous when David tells about the topic is Holocaust but that doesn't stop him to entertain people. Although French men are homosexual and dirty as Mischa says but he is completely heterosexual who has a well-defined list of girls that he already slept with. Suddenly a surprising call from Sean, 28 years old, grown up in Baleh comes. Sean has honesty in noodles and likes to drink fireball. That went well, I think. David tells Mischa that "you always do the right thing", no matter whether going to Barcelona or filing tax return for the first time. David's long time listener Maranda tells she needs more abusive and confusing relationships and she has very confusing comments about feminism. David is telling her "life begins with masturbation." Suddenly another caller Michael talks about dryer clothes in seven minutes and homosexual as free-range. He makes an alarming comment that he did not cry on his father's death. Ganesh from India rates this episode 4 star!

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