Advocating With Greater Self-Confidence

By Heather Hansen

What are you doing today to ensure that you will have self-confidence tomorrow? Do you break the promises that you make yourself, or are you constantly telling yourself that you aren’t capable of getting anything right? As a combination of a confidence coach and a communications coach, I want you to learn how to advocate for yourself with greater self-confidence. Confidence in yourself is so important in today’s rapidly changing world, and I want you to know how to ask for what you want and what you need.   Today, I’m going to share with you the experience I had in high school that taught me just how important self-confidence is. This experience created the foundation of my self-confidence and has allowed me to do everything I’ve done since then, from my work as a successful lawyer to becoming a TV legal analyst, writing a book and becoming a keynote speaker to starting my coaching business and even starting this podcast — it all started with this one experience. I am also going to share with you two of the ways that I help my coaching clients increase their confidence — through increased credibility and through evidence.   Today we discuss —   Why self-confidence matters The high school experience that taught me that everyone needs self-confidence Even after losing a trial, clients remember how confident they felt during the experience even more than the trial itself. Self-confidence lays the foundation for making needed changes in our lives. Increased preparation will help you feel stronger and give you the confidence to know that you are ready for anything. In the wake of the pandemic, confidence in yourself is more important than ever.   How to increase self-confidence through increased credibility Building credibility is less difficult than you think. Credibility isn’t dependent on your resume or your work experience — it comes from the ability to believe in yourself. Believing yourself means that you meet the expectations you set for yourself and keep the promises you make to yourself. When you can’t meet a promise, own it and move forward. Credibility is the foundation of trust, and trust is the foundation of self-confidence. The time and effort that is required for increasing credibility is always time well spent.   How to increase self-confidence through evidence The story that you tell yourself requires evidence that you can trust and rely on. An evidence journal can help you identify your strengths and the times you have relied on and trusted your feelings. Your brain will begin to believe the positive story you tell yourself as you write down the evidence of the times you got it right.   Learn More: Advocate to Win The Elegant Warrior Playlist on Spotify Free One-Hour Consult Advocate for Yourself 10-Week Course Subscribe to Weekly Newsletters   Brought to You By: Boyle’s Naturals

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