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Episode 56: The Sacred Psychology of Crystals with Tina Conroy

By Tamara Powell, LMHC

Tina Conroy shares why and how crystals can become partners in our transformation with practical advice for beginners, intermediate, and advance practitioners alike. Bonus: insights on Ayurveda doshas, and working with prophetic dreams. In this podversation: A little on Ayurveda and a shared love of practicality when it comes to spirituality Allowing your intuition to better inform your life choices Tina's early experiences with psychic gifts Ways of working with prophetic dreams Exploring the metaphysical theory of crystals How you might start to use crystals in daily living "Crystals = partners in transformation" The importance of giving room for preference and personality when working with crystals Advice for intermediate or advance practitioners of crystal healing Additional Resources: Quiz to find out which Ayurveda "dosha"/ type you are Tina's own podcast episode on crystals and the chakras "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall "Love is in the Earth" by Melody Meet Tina Conroy: Since childhood, Tina knew that she was connected to something greater than herself. At an early age she realized that she inherited her psychic grandmother’s gift of prophetic dreams – visions that were always vivid, full of sensory detail and eventually real. Since then, Tina spent over 20 years attuning her mind and body to truly listen to that internal voice that can predict or advise and is inspired by a greater power. Tina helps other women to strengthen their inner voice by improving mental and physical health to synchronize the mind - body connection. As an intuitive energy healer and medium, she hosts The Intuitive Woman Podcast, a weekly podcast that explores intuition. She is a yoga instructor, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Coach at The Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine at Northwell Health. Tina works with women to develop their intuition, connect with their inner guidance and create a passionate, spiritual life. Connect with her further: Web:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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