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Katie Patrick on how to save the world

By Brooke McAlary

Often on the podcast we dance around the topic of technology - usually viewing it as something that gets in the way of our efforts to slow down and live a more mindful, sustainable life. But what if we embraced technology and viewed it as the greatest opportunity we have to change (or maybe even save) the world? In this week’s episode Brooke chats with Katie Patrick, an environmental engineer and designer who applies data-driven, gamification, and behaviour-change techniques to solve the world’s environmental problems. Katie brings with her a completely new perspective on what it’s going to take to change the world, and it’s a refreshing, hope-filled, imagination-fuelled joy to listen to. Brooke and Katie talk about the important relationship between slowing down, getting creative and making an impact on the world, as well as what letting go of the idea of goals and success has done to Katie’s own life. Katie also shares how imagination and day dreaming might just hold the key to getting more people to care about the planet, and why we need to shift the current narrative away from doom and gloom, to one of opportunity and hope.   Questions featured in this episode:  What role does optimism play in our ability to change the world? Why do we need to slow down in order to access our creative potential? If we lead busy, full lives, how can we make space and time for creativity, particularly when it feels like a ‘nice to have’ rather than a necessity? What’s the link between optimism and taking action? Why do you think the current environmental, climate crisis messaging is falling flat for so many people? What can we do to change it? Looking for more Slow? Find show notes, resources and links at Follow us on Instagram @slowhomepod Sign up for our love letters Join the Slow Experiment Club over on Patreon Or leave a rating or review in iTunes As always, thank you for listening! Support the show: See for privacy information.

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