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69 Actionable Tip – Small Wins

By Josie Ong

Actionable Tip - Small Wins   This month’s theme is Pivots and you can get the free worksheet at    Change is hard. No surprise there. Change interrupts us.  It disrupts the system our brain is used to executing.  It interrupts our habits, our behaviors, our thoughts, our nervous system...and the list goes on and on. Some of us experience a wake up call.  Surviving a heart attack can lead to changes in exercise habits.  In this episode I share about an elementary school principal who bought a high end treadmill after his heart attack and a psychologist/professor who started biking again and taking biking trips with his wife. Hopefully we don't need to go through something like a heart attack to precipitate change. It's never enough. We often find ourselves wanting a change and then with thoughts of there's never enough time, never enough motivation, never enough energy, money, willpower, skills, support...never enough of what it takes to make a lasting change. That's where small wins comes in. They can help because they are quick, easy and help us gain confidence.  But they also have us practicing - on a very small scale - the new behavior we want. Examples of Small Wins taking one flight of stairs and the elevator the rest of the way going to bed 10 minutes earlier ordering a small size beverage instead of a medium or large doing one pushup before checking your smartphone putting $5 in the bank every week or month Examples of my Small Wins taking 10 deep breaths with my daughter before she goes to bed (this helped inspire the 10 Deep Breaths Episode) stretching in between pushing my daughter on the swing at the park doing calf stretches when in an elevator The "be you: warts, weirdness, and all" quote I mentioned comes from Tim Ferris in this blog post.      Ways to Support Affirmation Pod 1. Leave a Rating or a Rating and Review at 2. Purchase the Reflection Workbook at   For more from Josie: Website: Digital Products: For all the Podcast Episodes: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Podcast Network: Facebook Group: Subscribe Apple Podcasts: Subscribe on Google Play: Subscribe on Spotify: Subscribe on YouTube: For her free worksheet on The 6 Steps for Making Changes and Changing Habits, go to

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