009 // How to Work Through Online MBA Life // Jun Takahashi - Michigan Ross 2022

MBAsians: The Asian MBA Podcast

Oct 2020

45 min

Meet Jun Takahashi!Born and raised in Japan, Jun is a first-year MBA student at Ross University of Michigan. In the Japanese manufacturing company he was in the rotational program for an automotive business unit, doing finance, marketing and strategy roles for 9 years. To start a new business in the automotive and mobility section in his company, he wanted to improve his leadership skills, making him come to the US business school. Even though Ross gave a deferral option to students because of the pandemic, Jun decided to come to Ross this year since he felt his learning curve became slow.

 In this episode we talk about: Homeless people in the US () How students connect with each other during the pandemic () What challenges first-year MBA students face () How do B-schools help students overcome several challenges () Pros of Virtual world ()

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