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Episode 129: Taking Action, with Jason Williams

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

Episode 128– Taking Action, with Jay Williams Jay Williams is a senior mentor at TwoBrain. He owns two CrossFit gyms (one in California, one in the UK) and his mentoring style is different than mine. Jay is a problem-solver. He's direct and transparent. He's never rude or abrasive--I don't think I've heard him say the F-word more than three times in four years--but he gets right to the point. He's huge on accountability. He doesn't believe in wasting time. Every year at the TwoBrain Summit, I like to put Jay onstage as the last speaker. It's too easy to attend a seminar and get educated, or even motivated...but then go home and take no action at all. That is NOT what TwoBrain is all about. That's not what mentorship is all about. Mentorship means mapping a path, and then leading you down it step by step. TwoBrain has done that for over 500 entrepreneurs now (not including the kids on last week's show!) and we're now attracting entrepreneurs outside the gym industry: from body shops to bakeries. What kind of mentorship do you need right NOW? Take our test here: and find out! Are you going to the CrossFit Games? If so, can we get together? Here's where I'll be: Saturday, 10am: SME Stage (probably in the Pavilion) - talking about Founder | Farmer | Tinker | Thief. Show up and get a #Founder or #Farmer shirt! Saturday, 1pm: Book signing at the CrossFit Stuff booth. Bring a book to get signed, or just come for the hugs! Sunday, 8-10am: TwoBrain Family Breakfast at CrossFit Recursive. Join the Mentoring Team, Dan Martell, and some friends from HQ. Thanks to Nikole for hosting again! Sunday, 10am-11am: Nicole Aucoin and I will host a little "meet and greet" at the Sheraton Madison (across from the Games venue). If you're friends with a gym owner who ISN'T already part of the TwoBrain family, this is a great place to bring them. There's an RSVP required for this one (CLICK HERE). I'd LOVE to see you in person. Hope you're coming to the Games! Coop

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