Networking to Build Your Career Insurance Plan EP: 1

By Monique Betty

What is a career insurance plan? In this episode, Coach Mo breaks down what it is, why you need it and how to create one that works for you. Building a network is a major component for a successful career. 2:40 Key benefits to having a network include: Protection: when the unexpected happens Peace of mind: knowing that circumstances won’t define your choices Investing in you: continually growing your value High achievers build and cultivate a network through out their career. Coach Mo explains why it’s essential, and how to build your own as a way to receive and give support to others. 7:15 Find out why structured and un-structured network-building are both important. You’ll find inspiration from the suggestions she shares.  “You never know which conversation is going to open the door to your next career opportunity.” Sam Hines – executive recruiter Coach Mo shares 2 examples of un-structured networking that opened the door to new opportunities. This isn’t just theory; she’s giving you real life experiences from her own network. (see how that works?) 13:10 Let’s talk about the elephant in the podcast: Networking doesn’t sound very appealing. To anyone. Which is why mind-set is key. It doesn’t have to be painful or boring. Listen for the 3 keys strategies outlined by Coach Mo for meaningful conversations. It’s going to make networking easier, fulfilling and enjoyable. 19:20 Coach Mo Knows What type of networking fits your skills and abilities? What one thing will you do today to build your career insurance plan?

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