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#PPCChat 210120 - Cross Platform:Channel Strategy

By MindSwan

#ppcchat Twitter discussion that runs on Tuesdays at 5pm GMT - Led by Julie F Bacchini (@NeptuneMoon) Q1 What does “cross platform/channel strategy” mean to you?  And/or do you have another term you use for strategy across different platforms/channels? Q2 How do you go about developing cross platform/channel strategy?  Do you have a particular starting point or process you use when clients want advertising on more than one platform/channel? Q3 On average, on how many platforms/channels are your clients advertising? Q4 Do your clients want to be advertising on more platforms/channels than they are currently? If so, how do you generally recommend they go about expanding their reach? Q5 What do you find that you often learn on one platform/channel that can be applied to another?  Q6 Are there things you’ve found that don’t translate well between platforms/channels in your experience? Q7 How do you go about getting a client to say yes to trying a new platform/channel that you think could be good for them? Q8 What is your criteria for pulling back or leaving a particular platform/channel? Q9 Are there any general tips you wish you’d known sooner about advertising across platforms/channels?

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