The Power of Search with Moz CMO, Christina Mautz

By Mission

We may not realize it, but we search for everything. From everything we ask Siri, to each time we look up that quickest route home, it’s all considered a search. This has been going on for years now, but it’s not occurring the same way as it did in the past. SEO is now more in the picture than ever, and it’s a powerful field. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Moz CMO and head of sales, Christina Mautz, discusses everything SEO, and why an investment in SEO is an investment in the future.3 TakeawaysNew Reality: The future of SEO is about being present and being accessible where your customers need you. Search is no longer an arbitrary function that’s experienced in one area.One Team, One Goal: Sales and Marketing no longer act independently as one another. Marketing drives sales and sales drives marketing, so you can’t just be experienced in one field.No Pain No Gain:: To understand the customer and their journey, you have to have a deep understanding of that customer and their pain points.---Marketing Trends podcast is brought to you by Salesforce. Discover marketing built on the world’s number one CRM: Salesforce. Put your customer at the center of every interaction. Automate engagement with each customer. And build your marketing strategy around the entire customer journey. Salesforce. We bring marketing and engagement together. Learn more at To learn more or subscribe to our weekly newsletter, visit

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