Flight 33 - In the Fight of Our Lives!

By Av8rTony

Recorded on March 19th, 2020  On this episode of Squawk Ident, I am joined by two of my fellow aviators that are currently from very different sides of the industry. Returning to Squawk Ident for the third time, you might recognize his voice from episodes 8 and 15, he is a CFI, CFII, & MEI instructor, a former Embraer-145 airline pilot, a KingAir flight instructor, a multi-typed corporate captain, a major bird strike survivor, a loving father, and a co-host on Squawk Ident.  Captain Roger joins us today. I am also honored in welcoming to the show, for his first time. He is an Embraer-145 Airline Captain, an All Conference/Division One - 3 Meter and 1 Meter springboard diver, an Outdoor Adventurer, a Marathoner Runner, an Olympic Sport Connoisseur, and an expecting father as well, joining us today Captain Nathan. Today, we are going to dive into Captain Nathan’s journey in aviation, and then we will have a conversation on the realities of our current market place. The three of us currently hold three very different positions with-in the aviation industry and we will dive into the outlook from each of our perspectives.  References:  Trans States to Shut Down April 1st - The Points Guy  Compass Airlines to Shut Down Operations - Flight Global  Bill Gates Ted Talk 2015 (video) Corona Fears are Leading to a Jump in Interest in Private Jets - Barron's  We Are in the Fight of Our Lives... - Dallas Morning News  Thank You for Listening! Don't forget to Subscribe, Like, Support, and Share Please visit Av8rtony.com for all show audio, cover art, Squawk Ident gear, leave audio feedback, and more.  Intro and transition music & cover art by Av8rTony and produced at Av8r Sound Studios of Southern California  You can also follow Av8rTony and Squawk Ident Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram Squawk Ident can now be heard on iHeart Radio, Spotify, Anchor.FM, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast, PocketCasts, RadioPublic, and more.  Copyright © Squawk Ident 2020, All Rights Reserved  Copyright © Av8r Sound Studios 2020, All Rights Reserved  Squawk Ident by Av8rTony is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - 4.0 International License --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/squawkident/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/squawkident/support

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