Shit Adults Never Taught Us with Natasha and Louise Sattler

The Decided Heart Effect

Jun 20

50 min 55 sec

SPECIAL GUESTS: Natasha Sattler (daughter) Author, Shit Adults Never Taught Us Head of Production, ETHOS Studio Louise Sattler (mother) Founder, Signing Families Psychologist, Digital Strategist, Content Creator LEARN MORE! ABOUT NATASHA: To call writing a passion would be an understatement for Natasha Sattler. Raised in Maryland, Sattler was always one to seek creative endeavors. In grade school, she would write full TV scripts, put on plays for her family, and keep journals as a form of self-expression. Sattler went to the University of Central Florida at the age of 17 to study Filmmaking, with a concentration in screenwriting. She graduated three years later with a Bachelor’s Degree and a desire to hit the ground running in the entertainment industry. When she moved to Los Angeles just ten days after graduating college, her left brain took over and she found herself quickly in the role of Producer for broadcast commercials. Despite the fact that she spent her days producing, her love of writing never faded. After nearly a decade working in commercials, feature films, and movie trailers, Sattler found her way into the print medium. In 2020, she began her foray into authorship, writing Shit Adults Never Taught Us in just six weeks. Sattler currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Kingston. Whenever possible, she packs a bag and travels around the world, having been to over a dozen countries by the time she turned 30. When she’s home, her hobbies include hiking and consuming all of the coffee, cheese and pasta within reach. ABOUT LOUISE: Louise Masin Sattler was born and raised in New York, but now lives in California with her husband of 30+ years. She is a psychologist, digital strategist, and content creator (especially for her company- Signing Families). Her favorite role in life - being MOM to two adult children, one who is joining her today on this show. ENGAGE WITH US! Facebook: Instagram: Email: LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO IF IT WAS HELPFUL TO YOU! Hilary Bilbrey Live Inspired​ Sonja Montiel College Confidence Academy

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