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Interview with Ian Callahan - Episode 002

By Justin Hertz

On this episode my guest is Ian Callahan.  At the age of 19 he was a college kid with $100 to his name - he bought a bucket, a poll and some window cleaning gear and went around to local business’s to try and get window cleaning work.  After 80 + no’s one store a dry cleaning business said yes.  He transitioned to focusing on residential clients, running a crew of four guys and getting some significant contracts with big developers in town.  He later ventured out, expanded his business to hang Christmas lights in the off season and then eventually diversified even further by way of getting into carpet cleaning in 2010.  In 2014 his Dad Mike Callahan left the corporate world and they partnered up and formed Spifco .  Their aha! moment came when the experimented with using de-ionized water, which cleaned the carpets better without using the harsh chemicals that a traditional carpet cleaning company uses.  They carved out a niche of being the only organic carpet cleaner in town and it resulted in the business taking off.  While still running Spifco, Ian is pursuing his true life’s passion and is getting his teaching credential to teach secondary education.  Outside of being an entrepreneur and pursuing his teaching credential we discuss some of Ian’s other passions including backpacking, rock climbing, camping, travel and photography.  Checkout some of his amazing photographic works at IanCallahanPhotography.  We wrapped up the show with the three things that Just Hertz So Good for Ian right now, which are: Crypto Currency. A deep dive into the rabbit hole of BitCoin.  Ian told me the tragic tale how he was aware of BitCoin back in 2010 and he had the decision to make to buy $1000 worth of BitCoin or $1000 worth of silver.  He chose silver – whoops.  I asked him a $1000 worth of Bitcoin purchased in 2010 would be worth what now – to which he replied over 300 million dollars!  Again – whoops! He finally decided he was sick of sitting on the sidelines, so in the summer of 2017 he bought in, and hopes to one day be a BitCoin millionaire.  But 300 times over would have been nice.   His band – as he’s a drummer in a local punk band Flood, Fire, Death, Drought. Checkout their Facebook page @FloodFireDeathDrought Me – what! Ian paid me a huge compliment by saying the third thing that Just Hertz So Good was my own podcast – but generally the passionate pursuit of the side project or side hustle.   Reach Justin at

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