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#63 | Whip It II: Whip It Good!

By Harry Chappell & John Lucas

We asked our listeners to nominate a film by an A-list female actor for our movie stars-turned-directors mini-season, and Whip It won by a landslide. Which is weird, because Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut totally flew under the radar when it was released in 2009.  Turns out a lot of our listeners know and love it though - which is understandable because there’s a lot to like in this movie! It’s a fabulous cast (Ellen Page! Kristen Wiig! Juliette Lewis!) an interesting subject matter and everybody involves seems like they’re having a lot of fun. Join us this week as we play spot-the-stunt-double, discuss 40-year-old women acting like frat boys and debate whether this movie would have worked better as a Glow-style Netflix series.  Oh yeah, and because we always want more Juliette Lewis in our lives, we also pitch some sequel ideas, including an All About Eve-style story of Ellen Page’s Babe Ruthless being usurped by a younge [...]

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