#54: Unlocking the Messages of Dreams w/ Erick Godsey

Soul Seekr

Jun 2020

1 hr 28 min

Sit down, grab a pen to take notes, and get ready to listen in on interpreting dreams! Erick Godsey (also known as, simply “Godsey”) is one of the coaches in Aubrey Marcus’s Mastermind “Fit for Service”.

When he talks, you naturally slow down and lean in because you just want to soak up as much of his wisdom as possible.LINKS & RESOURCESConnect with Erick | https://buff.ly/3hv10sQ Erick's Website | https://www.erickgodsey.com/ Erick's Journaling Course | https://kathedra.teachable.com/ Permission to Podcast (Simply Show Up & Record) | https://buff.ly/3fmwKP2 Erick's Podcast "The Myths That Make Us" | https://buff.ly/2V0lQqH “The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You” (Book to Read Before Bed) | https://buff.ly/2YD9Wnh Erick on Through the Veil Podcast (About Storytelling) | https://buff.ly/3fqcNH7 FREE Guide on How to Uncover Your Gifts & Share them with the World | https://buff.ly/3gmml7t Spiritual Blogs & More | https://buff.ly/2Sq6Gtl Start Your Dream Business | https://buff.ly/2xpy2ITFreeup |

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