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Real Self-Care for Mind, Body and Soul • 081

By Melissa Monte | Mindset Mentor

It's crazy that we don't really learn how to take care of ourselves in a way that will help us live long, healthy, optimal lives. Unless we seek the information ourselves, we don’t learn real nutrition, how to manage our emotions, or how to find fulfillment. Then so many of us reach a point where we think, is this all there is? If I’m not happy now, will I ever be? The takeaway is that we need to take our health and happiness into our own hands. We need to learn how to really truly care for ourselves. People will read tons of books on how to care for their new baby, but a lot of people don’t even think to read a book on how to take care of themselves… ironic right? When you educate yourself on nutrition and superfoods, you can level up your brain and body in powerful ways. Today’s episode covers a range in health care, from nutrition to finding our passion. Our guest is celebrity chef and nutritionist, Serena Poon. Her mission to promote further education around the mindful combination of food, nutrition and healing intuition in what she has coined, “Culinary Alchemy™.” Today we will learn: Why self-care is the least selfish thing you can do How to break free from emotional dependency How to satisfy unhealthy cravings in healthier ways Show Notes: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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