What makes your podcast editing service better than AI?

By Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield Arick, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth

How does a podcast editor compete as apps like Descript become better at doing our jobs? What is it that you’re really offering? Tanner shares his insight on the future of podcast editing and why accountability as service is critical for survival.    Required reading for this episode: https://medium.com/portlandpod/accountability-as-a-service-aaas-the-only-future-for-podcast-editors-794265ba024b (Accountability As A Service (AAAS): The Only Future For Freelance Podcast Editors). Tanner Campbell of https://portlandpod.com/ (The Portland Pod) bootstrapped his way from working at home serving independent creators to full-on studio space serving corporations and brands looking for an all-in-one solution.  A prolific writer, Tanner often posts his content on https://medium.com/ (Medium). His article on the future of podcasting caught our attention. He points out that it’s not enough anymore to simply edit. You must offer something more to succeed in this business. A lot more than https://www.descript.com/ (Descript) can offer. He gives us an insiders look into his business model, his perspective on the future of editing, and even some of the things he STILL struggles with today.  Highlights How Tanner got started with his first client and what his business does now What Tanner charges and how he determines when to bring on a new team member The shift from serving indie creators to businesses The value of a great business coach The conversation about rates Tanner’s perspective on the future of podcast editing What will Spotify look like in the near future and why that matters to us Accountability as A Service-- what that means and who needs to adopt it in Tanner’s opinion The role of quality assurance Tanner’s onboarding and editing process and dealing with legal reviews Offering the marketing piece to clients Guest EditorThis episode was edited by https://www.instagram.com/alecarbono/ (Alejandro Ramirez) of http://yayapodcasting.com/ (YaYa Podcasting).  Interested in being a guest on the show?If you're a podcast editor, we'd love to see if you'd be a fit for a future episode. https://podcasteditorsmastermind.com/be-a-guest/ (Fill out this form )to let us know you're interested and we'll contact you to see if it's a good fit. Resources:https://portlandpod.com/ (The Portland Pod) http://www.goodboydesign.me (www.goodboydesign.me) https://www.cleancutaudio.com/ (Clean Cut Audio )(we might need to change our name to the Tom Kelly Fan Club) https://learn.portlandpod.com/ (Tanner's couses) portlandpod.com/free15min https://mikekim.com/ (Mike Kim) https://medium.com/@tannerinmaine (Tanner on Medium) https://www.descript.com/ (Descript)  https://www.marshallpr.com/prmaven/podcast/ (PR Maven Podcast) (you kinda should be into that kinda thing) https://www.themountainpassway.com/ (Tanner's Business Coach) Appearing in this episode:Tanner Campbell: https://portlandpod.com/ (https://portlandpod.com) | https://twitter.com/PortlandPod (@portlandpod) Daniel Abendroth: https://rothmedia.audio (https://rothmedia.audio) | https://twitter.com/rothmedia_audio (@rothmedia_audio) Carrie Caulfield-Arick: https://yayapodcasting.com (https://yayapodcasting.com) | https://www.instagram.com/carriearick/ (@carriearick) Bryan Entzminger: https://toptieraudio.com (https://toptieraudio.com) | https://twitter.com/@toptieraudio (@toptieraudio) Yeti of the Chat (and the person keeping Carrie in check) Jennifer Longworth: https://bourbonbarrelpodcasting.com/ (https://bourbonbarrelpodcasting.com) https://twitter.com/KYPodcasting (| @KYPodcasting)

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