The Value of Getting Legal Assistance for Your Business - with Lisa Sigman

By Kristin Deese

Are you currently involving a business attorney to help you with the legal aspects of your business? There are so many business aspects that require legal assistance, and one of the biggest and the most valuable decision you can make for your business is to involve legal expertise. In this episode of Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting, Lisa Sigman. She’s a partner at Nobles and Sigman, a woman-owned law firm, where she works as a primary care attorney for small businesses. Her main focus is working with women-owned and operated businesses. She explains how she started her practice and why she’s set it up in a system that meets clients where they are. Listen in to learn the benefits of getting a business attorney involved in your business to help you keep everything legitimate. You will also learn the value of finding the right people to help you in your business so you can focus on other things. What You Will Learn: [0:37] Intro [1:56] Get to know Lisa- the primary care attorney and mom of two. [3:45] Why she decided to go to law school after hating her job as an MRI specialist. [5:38] The legal work she helps clients with, focusing mostly on women business owners in different sectors. [8:54] Why she started her first law practice straight out of law school before starting her now business. [12:49] Why you shouldn’t make the mistake of not involving legal expertise in your business. [19:09] How she set up a practice where she meets her clients where they are virtual. [28:11] The three most common legal questions that Lisa gets from clients. [34:02] The process of creating a legal business agreement between you and a client as a coach. [37:54] The power of legally branding your business to look legitimate for your clients. [41:06] Why she enjoys working with small businesses and seeing them grow to greater heights. [44:03] Tips on how to recognize a legitimate attorney who knows what they’re doing. [48:10] Lisa’s advice on how to be effective and productive as a business owner. [52:45] The importance of embracing online resources as a new business owner. Standout Quotes: “Law can be so much more accessible to people if we can change the way we do it.”- Lisa [22:08] “You’ll know someone knows what they’re doing if other people are recommending them.”- Lisa [44:27] “Learn how to ask for help, learn how to find the right people to do it, and budget for it.”- Lisa [50:03]

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