Episode 2 - Economic Reform

By Clare O'Neil MP

In this week’s episode of The Long View, Clare discusses economic reform with Tim Reed, President of the Business Council of Australia, and Andrew Charlton, economist and founder of AlphaBeta Advisers.As Australia’s health numbers on COVID improve (long may it last) the conversation in policy circles has focused squarely on economic reform.But what should we be trying to achieve through reform, what might it look like, and how do we make sure the changes we make benefit everyone?Clare, Tim and Andrew also tackle a few curly questions: When business complain about regulation, are they just trying to get out of following the law? Is digital technology really the answer to all our problems? And how do we stop sacred cows from breeding and multiplying?Tune in for a Long View perspective on where we might end up if the COVID crisis allowed us to fix a bunch of economic problems that have been holding Australia back for a long time.Please leave us a review, let us know what you think, and subscribe to stay up to date with the series.You can also follow Clare and join the conversation on social media:Twitter: twitter.com/clareoneilmpInstagram: instagram.com/clareoneilmpFacebook: facebook.com/clareforhotham

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