2: Venture Capital: 14 Untold Lessons After Raising $45m (Guide)

By Andrea Anderheggen, SalesGrowth.io

This podcast is the audio version of the blog post: www.salesgrowth.io/venture-capital. – In this episode, I am going to share with you how I raised $45m in venture capital. Why is that important? Because venture capital helps companies accelerate growth. And because almost every large tech startup in recent years has been funded by venture capital. But there's a catch: It's not easy. Many mistakes can make it hard or even impossible to raise money from a venture capitalist – a VC. And: Many pitfalls when dealing with VCs are untold in the startup community. Why? Because startups don't want to ruin their relationships with investors. And because of the very common survival bias: Media tend to pay attention to successful companies only! So, today I am going to talk about the learnings from the seven funding rounds I accomplished in my previous two tech companies SOFORT and Shopgate. And I am going to be as thorough as I can. My goal is to help you, the entrepreneur, understand how to close the best venture deals. Many comments have their origin in mistakes experiences that I made or avoided personally. And some other learnings are based on the experiences of fellow entrepreneurs I have met about during my career. One thing I need to clarify first: I have been picky and lucky with my investors: Most of the less flattering comments here refer to experiences I made with other VCs. So let’s dive right into it now!

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