Stories Of Origin

By Theatre of the Electric Mouth

Stories of Origin is a collaborative exploration of our beginnings. It's composed of individual pieces, conceived and created by Theatre of the Electric Mouth's members. The entire project is produced by Molly Cohen with mixing and mastering by Zach Trebino. It features: Funny Little Stories About Mother's Day from Reddit by Ali Rojek & Jake Regensburg, Box by Rachel Thomas-Levy, Advice from Early 20th Century Parenting Guides by Davis Alianiello, My Mother Reads Poetry by Lyubomir Parushev, It Would Have Been Enough by Molly Cohen, Excerpts from Plan C by Molly Cohen, The River Took Her by Kristen Aldrich & Justin Evans, Pinoy Market Shuffle by Steve Barroga, Mommy is Dead by Cara Dodge, Sauce Talk by Zach Trebino, You're Going to Be the Worse by Eric Fleising, and A Planting by Tessara Morgan

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