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Ep. 009: The NJPP Archive w/ Joe Pulito

By Mike Doyle

Welcome everyone to This Was The Scene, the podcast that takes a look back at the late 90s / early 2000 Nj Jersey Punk scene, I am your host, Mike Doyle.   There were a lot of punk/emo/hardcore bands that came out of the Jersey scene. I didn’t realize how many there actually were until Joe Pulito showed up in the North Jersey Pop Punk facebook group and said, hi everyone, I’ve archived all of it. I mean, I don’t think he has 100% of the bands but I Think he has like 99%.   This is purely a passion project for Joe because he’s not getting paid and this takes sooo much fucking time to do. Heath Midtown said it best in his interview, episode 003, when he stated that Joe is doing the Lord's work. If you are looking for ANY bands back in the late 90s early 2000s era then check out The Mxpx Show In Bordentown Our Thoughts On Saves The Day Having A Hand In Changing The Scene Drive Thru’S Rise In The Scene Dashboard Break Up With Drive Thru Asbury Park Brewery Brian Fallon’S Stint In Lanemeyer How He Started The Njpp Archive How He Actually Acquired The Songs If He’S Gotten Yelled At By Any Bands, Yet His Process For Getting All Of This Music Online How The Initial Original Youtube Channel Got Disabled What The Future Holds For The Archive And A Ton More   Before we being, thank you again to the people who’ve donated to the podcast. If you’d like to do so just go to and send whatever you’d like. Also, if you were a fan of my old band Lanemeyer and our buddies Humble Beginnings then Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 21 because both of our bands will be playing a 20-year anniversary show at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck NJ. Presale tickets will be $15 and then $20 at the door. It’s been 20 years since both of us released our first records and we decided to get together and have a party. I don’t know about Humble but I can Gauran fucking Tee you that this is THE last Lanemeyer show that we will ever play. To get your tickets head to and order them today. Thank you to the Bergenfield girls for putting this together. Feel free to subscribe, leave a review and share this with anyone who would love some nostalgia. With that said, let's get started.  

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