Lean Expert Secrets® Mushrooms as Food and Medicine

Debra Spears Lean Expert Secrets®

Jul 2019

51 min 54 sec

Introducing Mushrooms as Food and Medicine for Holistic Health with my friend Jeff Chilton. This episode is all about the health benefits of adding more mushrooms to your diet.

 Jeff will is amazing and he will teach us so "mush" about how you can achieve wellness with the help of medicinal mushrooms and even mushroom supplements. Jeff spent years traveling, researching and implementing organic mushroom-growing techniques around the world before starting his company, Nammex, in 1989. Today, Jeff uses his extensive knowledge to identify the best organic mushrooms that produce superior wellness results. I know your audience listens to Holistic Healthy because they are seeking advice on all things holistic health, and they will value Jeff’s discussion of the major health and wellness benefits of medicinal mushrooms and mushroom supplement products. Jeff can help your audience learn how to find and select these products as he describes the advantages of organically grown mushrooms. Here is how you can learn more about the benefits of Mushrooms: http://shop.realmushrooms.com/?ref=57 Happy fitness from the Lean Exert Secrets Coach – Foxy Lean! As always you can reach me here:

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