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Lvl 31: Copy & Procrasti-naste

By Nate Zerambo

So you want to create new content or you want to create a new product or service. But you’re way too lazy to come up with something new. So what do you do? Copy & Procrasti-naste Copy the things that already out there and just add a few little tweaks here and there. We’ve reached the point in human history where... Nothing is new any more. Nothing Everything that exist is today and anything that will is exist in the future is just a copy and paste of something else. We’re just sort of tweaking things and putting a different spin on it at this point. There’s this whole idea that creativity takes a lot of brain power and a lot of effort. False. Wrongo. It doesn’t. You may feel like you have to have some sort of superpowered creativity to write, record, or even invent something. But really all you need super powered laziness. Creating something or inventing something is one of the laziest things you can do, actually. You don’t have to pressure yourself to come up with new ideas and think outside the box. Just take what’s already out there and make it your own, give it a unique spin and that’s it. That’s what all these creative geniuses are doing -- authors, inventors, directors, game designers -- they all know how to copy and paste with...spunk. There’s no need to” re-invent the wheel,” as they say Every blog article you’d want to write, every podcast episode you’d like to record, every video you’d to shoot -- it’s all been before. The content is out there. The ideas are out there. Every product you could make or service you could offer is already available out there. All you’re doing is collecting it and giving it your own voice. -Sonic = fast Mario (Yuji Naka) -Devil May Cry = Resident Evil Red Dead Redemption = GTA Greta Van Fleet = Led Zeppelin -Dead Cells, Cave Blazers -Uncharted = Tomb Raider Spyro 3 = Ratchet Clank = Jack Daxter - iPod = mp3 Jonny Bravo = Elvis Pepsi 1965= Coke 1886 Gameboy = PSP 3ds = Vita = Wii u = switch Tomba = Zelda Hulu = Netflix Redbox = vending machine Dr. Mario = Tetris Puzzle Quest = Bejeweled (Candy Crush) League of Legends = DOTA (Heroes of the Storm, Vain Glory) Terarria = Minecraft = Infiniminer Interview with Steve, the Lazy Dungeon Master Laziness as a Super Power: Subscribe:

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