#73 - Remembering Gary Wilson

By High Noon

These days, phones or any internet-enabled device are increasingly used to browse the Internet and through this portal, people find it all too easy to log onto different sites. Now, with just a click or two anyone can easily access extremely explicit material such as pornography. Since this is readily available particularly in streaming media,  watching it can easily become habitual, which in turn leads to addiction.  To further understand the phenomenon of internet porn addiction, we will be dedicating this episode to Gary Wilson, a neuroscience enthusiast, who generously takes time to share his knowledge and experience for this cause. His research is going to be timeless as we continue to learn from his book that tackles the physiological effects of porn.  Gary's research aims to provide a more concise description of how pornography affects the brain. As result, his research focused on uncovering the reality that pornography has a large cascading effect on your psyche, physiology, and how you interact with yourself and others. Wherever he is, whatever he's doing, his legacy can live on, and he knows that he did a great thing, and it was worth every effort.  Come and join us in this episode as we share the talk that he gave at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. There he expounded what pornography does to the brain, the physiological effects of porn, and sex addiction claims on sex and sex addicts, comparison of drug addicts to a sex addict, compulsive sexual behavior disorder, and all about fake news about porn. He also cited multiple studies, statistics, and research to further explain his points which are truly informative, enlightening, and beneficial for everyone. The world of sex has been so politicized. [5:11] Misleading and questionable studies on porn [9:09] Big claims on sex addicts [12:11] The brain activity of porn addicts [18:03] Individuals with greater cue-reactivity to porn had less desire to have sex. [19:28] Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder [31:25] Demographics of couples who use porn [34:16 Consequences of regular exposure to sexual media [40:29] Pornography consumption effects scale [44:15] Click HERE for the show transcript.

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