Eva PenzeyMoog 'Designing against domestic violence'

By This is HCD

Have a comment about this episode that you'd like to share? Now you can leave us a voicemail Have something to share about this episode? Leave us a voicemail now Eva Penzeymoog is joining me on the show today. Eva is a lead designer for Eight-Light and is based in the windy city, Chicago. One of my favourite cities. We connected recently over Twitter after I became aware of her work that’s related to the interconnected relationships between smart devices and domestic violence. Now, we go into the contextual examples of how these so-called smart devices can be used to evoke various types of traumas. We speak openly about researching in and around people with trauma and how to protect yourself if you’re a designer and a researcher. Something that is a topic that is very close to my heart and something that I’ve actually spoken about publicly in the past.  Connect with This is HCD Follow This is HCD us on Twitter Follow This is HCD on Instagram Sign up for our newsletter (we have lots of design giveaways!) Join the practitioner community on This is HCD Slack Channel Read articles on our This is HCD Network on Medium Other podcasts on This is HCD Network Power of Ten with Andy Polaine EthnoPod with Dr John Curran Bringing Design Closer with Gerry Scullion ProdPod with Adrienne Tan This is HCD is brought to you by Humana Design and The Academy.ie See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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